Why tables can be the worst part of creating a brief

Creating tables is a chore. Hyperlinking each authority to specific pages in your brief, only to have to start over when you add a new paragraph and all the page numbers shift, just feels like a waste of time. Getting your formatting just right and updating all citations to their proper form could take hours […]

Trust and TypeLaw: why our clients rely on us

We realize that having attorneys and paralegals trust us with sensitive—and occasionally confidential—information isn’t always a quick or easy process. However, we believe that TypeLaw offers a quality, completely confidential service, for the fraction of the cost it would elsewhere. To clarify further on why we feel so strongly that we’re the right service for […]

Why the Table of Contents is the Most Important Part of Your Brief

Fourth in a series of 5 TypeLaw blogs on the future of digital legal briefs based on ABA research If you view a brief as the map to a case, the table of contents is the navigation point that directs you to the information you need to find your ultimate destination. A good table of […]

TypeLaw Customer Testimonial-Charles Dell’Ario

With a prestigious career spanning 44 years and counting, certified appellate specialist Alan Charles “Chuck” Dell’Ario has witnessed many changes in the legal field and the growing presence of technology in traditional legal practices. Not one to shy away from a challenge, he saw the need to integrate technology into his own practice after becoming […]