How Continuous Digital Brief Innovation Helps you Make your Case

It’s very challenging to keep up with each court’s and jurisdiction’s specific requirements and preferences when it comes to digital briefs—and they often change. That’s why most attorneys prefer to focus on crafting a compelling argument and leave the frustrating minutiae of formatting to someone else.

TypeLaw’s automated brief formatting and hyperlinking service was created for just that reason: to eliminate the stress of formatting (especially at deadline time) and to help attorneys put their best foot forward with any court.

Created by lawyers for lawyers

TypeLaw was founded in 2014 by a California lawyer, Chris Dralla, and a software engineer, Andrew Baker in order to address a common complaint among many attorneys: formatting briefs is time-intensive, repetitive, and frustrating.

The pair’s goal, now fully-realized, was to create a service that can take a draft of any brief, in any court, and turn it into a ready-to-file PDF—that is also editable at any point.

This goal stemmed from Chris’s initial frustrations as a brief writer himself, when he often found himself spending time on formatting, when it could have been better spent putting more work into the content of his briefs. In addition, because Chris started work as a lawyer himself, he realized the importance of security: the company was created from the ground up with confidentiality in mind.

Security is the top priority

Today, we’re humbled and proud to say that we’ve been trusted by over 1000 lawyers and paralegals to work on nearly 10,000 briefs. We’ve dealt with cases in every court in California, numerous courts in the Federal court system, as well as in other states.

The substance of the briefs we’ve helped with has ranged from small petitions in the Superior Court to large Supreme Court decisions (see: the Rosen decision). Security is our top priority and we maintain high standards to keep our client data secure.

One of the most important reasons TypeLaw stands apart is that we are constantly looking towards the future, especially with new, innovative ways to process and improve briefs.

Automated hyperlinking helps your case

Notably, we implemented hyperlinking as an add-on to any brief, so TypeLaw users can link all of their sources to the appropriate authorities, and to the record, greatly improving the quality of their brief. As noted in the California Courts of Appeal Guide to Creating Electronic Documents/Filings, the court prefers it:

Particularly when dealing with large and complex cases, links save chambers considerable time and effort. Links make it easy for the court to verify – and adopt – the positions taken by an advocate.

Keep your briefs future-proof

We also keep track of court announcements and changes on a daily basis and modify our service as quickly as possible to make sure it stays up-to-date.

These are just a few of these ways that we make sure TypeLaw (and therefore your briefs!) remain future-proof and help you make your case more effectively.